Perski, KerstinNamn: Spielrein Sabina

Kirjoitusvuosi: 2006
Naisia: 5, miehiä: 3

Sabina Spielrein (1885-1942) was a student of Jung as well as Freud. She was a Russian Jew and was sent to the young Jung to be treated for hysteria. She quickly became his assistant and presumably his mistress – and later, she became a therapist herself. Kerstin Perski’s fascinating dream play follows its main character from her childhood years during the reign of black pedagogy, to the terror regime of Stalin in the 1930ies Russia, to the war year 1942, when she was killed by the Nazis and transformed into an object. The basic dramaturgic idea is based on a fragmenting of the Sabinagestalt; partly a dead narrator (The Eternal Sabina) who has the complete experience and sees through all lies; party the branch of her life which is tied down by the memory of Jung (Sabina 2). Thus, the play deals with her idea of herself as well as her awkward role as the man’s sexual object, yet it also becomes a chronicle describing a difficult historical time. A number of characters circle around this double ego, characters that are performed by a limited number of actors in doubled roles, in order to increase the dreamy vision. The play contains a mixture of calmness and brisk stage performance, somewhat absurd and ironic items as well as a vital use of language. Premiered with great success at the Stockholm Stadsteater in 2006. “Dream play filled with irony” – Svenska Dagbladet.