Norén, LindaSkadeglädjen

Female: 2, male: 2

A strong Swedish play about sexuality and aggression: about young people from different layers of society and in different situations in their lives. School is over and the summer has begun. Pia, Sandra, Oliver and Milco have not gone home yet even though the graduation party finished a long time ago. The alcohol is flowing and the guys are desperately trying to work up the party again. All four of them carry dark secrets around. During the night the truth is revealed… what happens when a young woman sees no other way than to defend herself with violence? Is it rape when the man doesn’t know, but thinks that the woman wants sex? What do you do when the one you are in love with abuses and violates you? What do you do when your friends fail you? Linda Norén voices a young female anger rarely seen in modern Nordic dramatics. She was born in 1971 and studied psychology, journalistic and literary science. As the daughter of Lars Norén and Titti Mörk-Norén, theatre has always been a natural part of her life.

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