This takes place under the North Star. It is cold there. Love is lost, lakes are frozen, and mouths are bruised.
Jussi Moila, Knives Cut the Air

Nordic Drama Corner

The largest theatrical agency in Finland, Nordic Drama Corner is well-equipped to maintain and develop its strong international profile.  As well as representing many leading Finnish playwrights, we carry a broad selection of titles by major dramatists worldwide.  We work closely with the entire theatre industry in Finland and we actively cultivate our extensive international network, based on our long-standing presence in the field.

Nordic Drama Corner’s earliest roots go back to the 1920s, when two Finnish theatre organizations, The Association of Finnish Theatres and the Association for Amateur and Professional Theatres founded their own theatrical agencies. In 1993, these two organizations combined their agency services, and thus Nordic Drama Corner was formed. In 2002, the agency was re-established as a limited company, Nordic Drama Corner Ltd.