• I kept hoping that something terrible would happen, that everything would break down, that we'd have to kill an elk once again so we wouldn't starve and whack a hole in the ice to get water. That I'd be needed. And that I'd need you. But no because men have had to make life so much easier by inventing all manner of technical fucking gadgets that there's no life left.

    Leea Klemola
    Jessica's Cub
  • Yes, you have nice, small, sensible, non-committal feelings.  But they always have a flip-side.  A simultaneous presence of opposites.  You’ve created a world of compromise for yourself so you can just sit happily on the fence.


    Juha Jokela
  • This takes place under the North Star. 

    It is cold there. Love is lost, 

    lakes are frozen, and mouths are bruised.

    Jussi Moila
    Knives Cut the Air
  • How is this possible?

    How can a person so close to you can be a greater puzzle to you than to any passer-by, baker, hairdresser or street cleaner.

    Laura Ruohonen
    Queen C
  • Can art change reality? 

    When did you last comfort someone? 

    Do you want a gift? 

    Do you like ketchup? 

    Do you like driving fast?

    Saara Turunen
    Broken Heart Story
  • It’s all to do with dreams. It’s dreams that propel this world.  Dreams are the secret of our genius, but also of our madness.  The minds of the young are driving them out of their minds, with their dreams.


    Eeva-Liisa Manner
    Burnt Orange
  • This is not a romantic drama. You are not the protagonist of a romantic drama. 

    This is a completely normal day in a completely normal kingdom.

    E.L. Karhu
    Princess Hamlet
  • Looks like my paper’s blank. Well never mind, at least it won’t get mixed up with anyone else’s. Who’s next then. Oh god it’s so embarrassing, public speaking.

    Salla Viikka
    Gaping Hole
  • It feels cleansing not to talk. 

    Natural, amazing. 

    It creates space. 


    Arda Salaniemi
  • That’s what unites people, that none of us are perfect. We’re all laughable in one way or another.

    Mika Myllyaho
  • I can’t go anywhere. I’m always in the same place. The earth is moving, but I’m standing still. Then he comes and asks where I’ve been, where I’ve been again this time. I don’t know where I’m supposed to go.

    Antti Hietala
    Lovely People
  • Are you really good when that’s all you’re capable of? Or only when you have alternatives and you choose what’s good?

    Kati Kaartinen
    To Be Human
  • Meaning is generated by contrasts. You can only understand light, if you know the dark. If you don’t know what bitterness is, you can’t know the feeling of freedom you gain from letting go.

    Veera Tyhtilä
  • I love you to the moon, and to the sun, and to the other end of the universe, and to all the places we can't see even with satellites, and back. The sky is so big, it can hold all love. But people can’t, always.

    Anna Krogerus
    For Sheer Love of Me
  • Fear has one channel, pain another, madness, depression, they all have their own channel: channels into which all the currents of our emotions flow, running deeper every time.  Pain will remind you of pain.  Depression too.  Joy multiplies every instant of joy.

    Otso Kautto
    Pain Threshold
  • If a conversation is two men sitting face-to-face and carrying on a monologue, then this is a conversation.

    Kari Hotakainen
    Border Crossing

This takes place under the North Star. It is cold there. Love is lost, lakes are frozen, and mouths are bruised.

Jussi Moila
Knives cut the air
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