Ruohonen, LauraSultanaatti

Year of writing: 2022
Roles in total: 6

The young tyrant has a problem: why can't the world be exactly as he wants it to be, even for a minute? His kingdom is an endlessly large house where everything is destroyed faster than it can be repaired.

But then something unheard of happens. The young autocrat falls madly in love with a slave girl named Rossa, who wants to reinvigorate the entire kingdom. When Rossa begins to gain influence at court, the old guard doesn't take kindly to it. The treacherous vizier and his assistants start scheming to restore things to the way they were. And it takes at least one apocalypse.

All this is reported to us by a Venetian spy who has infiltrated the court. His secret mission is to find out how to make a state flourish - or be destroyed.

The Sultanate plays with the paradoxes of power. It asks, why do humanity's best efforts so often lead to excesses and disasters? Humans have an endless ability to invent systems for themselves, in which living requires terrible sacrifices. Is our ability to adapt our greatest gift and our only hope ‒ or our worst curse?

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