Tyhtilä, Veera

The personal and the political merge in Veera Tyhtilä's (b. 1977) plays in a provcative, yet humane way. Family, business, science and music are for her always a part of a larger whole that is reflected through her characters. Tyhtilä's works are always founded on a thorough research and they pull the spectator in with their storytelling and their multilayered characters.

As well as a playwright, Tyhtilä is also a screenwriter and a dramaturg. She has also worked as a drama teacher and a cultural columnis.


Deadline (2009)

2 F, 4 M

What do people want? That's the question economist Kara tries to answer for a living. But when her father reveals a shocking news to his family, Kara has to re-evaluate her whole life and ask: What do i want? Our time is limited, does it give you the chance to have it all or do you always have to give up something important? A person who has always trusted reason has to face those lacunae of life you can't reach with logic or calculations.

Veera Tyhtilä has written a multilayered play about happiness, family, grief, letting go and new beginnings. It offers both intelligent discussion on contemporary values and attitudes and timeless drama about relationships between people.

The play has been translated into English